Paygate to hold online seminar on the scope of computer consignment related to ‘Online Investment Act’

Paygate to hold online seminar on the scope of computer consignment related to ‘Online Investment Act’

With the implementation of the Online Investment-linked Financial Services Act, related operators are increasingly curious about the scope of consignment of comprehensive computing consignment businesses.

Paygate announced on the 10th that it will hold an online public seminar after three months of preparation on the scope of consignment for the comprehensive computing consignment business.

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Paygate, as a payment agency, trading protection business, and foreign currency remittance business provider, has been providing E.Wallet (Seyfert) and linkage to the financial sector of P2P business operators for many years. Ahead of this year’s enforcement of the Act, the company have outlined the requirements for license applications for Seyfert members.

Online investment financiers is:
▲ P2P financial platform corresponding to the online investment-linked financial service Act
▲ Network connection with depository institutions such as banks
▲ Alliance and connection with trustee institutions
▲ Point-based funding system
▲ Computer network for online investment-linked financial services
▲ Hardware, software and management services
▲ Overview of anti-money laundering system
▲ Central Records Management Agency Reporting System
▲ Issuance of principal and interest receivables and establishment of transaction system
▲ Management services for hardware and software
It is possible to entrust tasks such as this collectively.

Lee Dong-san, Technical Director of Paygate, announced on the day that “Detailed computing requirements, such as network separation for stronger investor protection, for more than 200 Seyfert member companies, internal control system, central records management office, regular and irregular disclosure and anti-money laundering, etc.”


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