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‘Seyfert’ integrates and fuse a new combined financial system.

Hello. I am Park Soyoung, CEO of Paygate.
Paygate was established in 1998 and since then we have been developing and providing the best financial services including cross border payment, remittance, and currency exchanges.
The core of Paygate business is ‘Seyfert’ platform which was launched in 2003 to automate the settlement business.We tried to provide the best and accurate automated settlement business transaction by launching ‘Seyfert’ platform.
The core necessity of ‘Seyfert’ platform we felt about is to find out a very small ‘error’ and through this we could prevent a big ‘accident’ of any transactions.
For last 22 years we only did not provide automated settlement solution but at the same time we have provided eye catching transaction features for remittance, money exchange for various currencies and so on.To deal with multi-currency and suitable FX based platform, ‘Seyfert’ has become the leading fintech platform in Asia by integrating payment system around the world including China, Japan, Europe and USA. ‘Seyfert’ has become a faithful fintech platform in the fintech industry to provide the best solution for E-commerce, Crowdfunding, O2O business, P2P lending, Robo Adviser, and Remittance. In future Payget will become an indispensable enterprise to contribute for the humanity by providing solutions on the base of ‘Seyfert’ E-finance ecosystem,
I would like to thank to all shareholders and employees to trust and support Paygate for last 20 years and believe we will be able to become the indispensable enterprise for the betterment of humanity in next 20 years.

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