Paygate open ‘Seyfert Member’ Service for P2P Investors

Paygate open ‘Seyfert Member’ Service for P2P Investors

Function to enquire investment details and deposit details of P2P companies that have been discontinued.
An opportunity to experience the services of trustees prior to the implementation of ‘Online Investment-Linked Financial Service Act’.

Paygate, a fintech company, has opened the ‘Seyfert Member’ service that allows users to view investment information of P2P investors who use Seyfert in one place.

So far, investors had to check and manage all funding information they invested for each operator, so they had to suffer a lot of inconveniences in managing one or two to dozens of sites individually.

▲ Homepage screen of ‘Seyfert Member’ (Photo credit = Paygate)

‘Seyfert Member’ has opened a service that can improve such inconveniences and integrate and manage activity information of all P2P investment members who have a history of using the platform or are currently using it.

Seyfert investors can subscribe to Seyfert member services through self-authentication and account verification, view their investment activity details, repayment details, deposit details, and balance of deposits, and preparations done for customized searches which can be divided by period and site.

Chart and graph functions were also introduced to check the customer’s deposit details, withdrawal details, total amount of investment and remittance, and total amount of repayment.

Anyone can sign up for the ‘Seyfert Member’ service page. It is easily accessible through PC or mobile. It is also possible to inquire about the Seyfert P2P platform and Seyfert member services via email.

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